Would you like to be help establish a permanent full play venue in Northern Ireland? 

We're almost ready to go!!!

We have the venue

We have the website

We have 100s wanting to attend

We know what you expect

We just need a little help getting it kitted out!

But What Is Crowd Funding?

Reward-based crowdfunding involves individuals contributing comparatively small amounts of money to projects in return for some kind of reward. The size of the reward is usually a reflection of the amount contributed.

What will i get for my funding?

We have a simple crowd funding plan.

We will only except a total of 20 crowd funding members at a flat investment of £250. 

All must be verified and meet with us to secure their spot.

In return couples will be given admission to 7 events that we hold and FREE 1st year membership worth £20! 

Gents will be given admission to 5 events that we hold and FREE 1st year membership worth £20!

Ladies be given admission to all events in the 1st year, that we hold and FREE 1st year membership worth £20! 

Admission prices will be

Couples £50

Gents £50

Ladies £20

On top of this, you will also receive a unique discount code to share with fab friends, who can get 10% off admission.  The crowd funder who’s code is used the most, will have their full £250 investment returned to them at the end of the year.

Finally, as an initial member, if you wish to hold your own event, we will supply the venue to you at a discounted rate.

Where Will My Money Go?

We have invested heavily and will continue to spend money on the upkeep, and improvement of the club.

We sent out a questionnaire asking what everyone expects, and the list is long.

We want to provide everything on the list including:



Changing Area

Private Play Areas

Group Play Areas

Safe Social Area





Hot Tube

Glory Hole

Dark Room

Smoking Area



Cinema Screens

As well as this we need hosts, cleaning staff and security, all on top of rent, rates, heat, electric and insurance.

We have already secured, acquired and paid for a lot of these items, but we're not millionaires and we don't want to open a venue that isn't what you expect.

If you're interested, simply click here and reply with ur fab name and the best way to get in touch with you.

If you feel you can contribute to the fitting or running of the club, feel free to let us know.  We always reply and take on board everyones thoughts ideas and opinions.

NB: we will except a maximum of 5 single gents who will be vetted and Ok'd by all other investors.

We seek lively, sexy party people of all ages, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. Each and everyone is welcomed including limited unaccompanied gents.